US State Privacy Legislation Tracker 2023

We are currently experiencing an unmatched crescendo in the drive for comprehensive privacy bills across the U.S. state governments, the likes of which has never been seen before. With an ever-increasing number of proposed and enacted legislation pertaining to privacy, staying informed and updated has never been more critical. This is precisely where the IAPP Westin Research Center steps into the picture.

The Center, at the heart of privacy research and information dissemination, keeps a keen eye on the flurry of comprehensive privacy bills proposed and ratified throughout the country. Their dedicated mission? To help our community members effortlessly navigate the complex and shifting terrain of state privacy regulations.

To simplify this vast repository of information, the team at the Westin Research Center has created a user-friendly map and an in-depth chart. The former provides a quick geographical overview of where specific bills are in the pipeline or have been enacted. The latter, meanwhile, offers a detailed breakdown of key provisions that constitute the heart of these legislations.

While it’s true that a significant portion of these proposed bills may not survive the legislative process to become laws, comparing their key components provides invaluable insights into the evolution of privacy norms within the United States. Our chart explicitly identifies fourteen common provisions that often feature in comprehensive privacy laws.

But how do you decode this chart? It’s simple. An “X” in the corresponding column signifies that a particular bill includes that provision. These provisions fall under two primary categories – consumer rights and business obligations. Each of these categories finds elaborate descriptions within the chart, making it easier for you to understand their implications.

So whether you’re a privacy enthusiast, a concerned consumer, or a business trying to navigate your obligations under the ever-evolving privacy landscape, the IAPP Westin Research Center is here to help you decipher the complexities and stay ahead in this journey.

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