America’s Favorite Drive Thrus

QSRMagazine took survey results from FoodserviceResults studied consumer satisfaction across range of metrics such as speed of service, friendliness of staff, cleanliness and sanitation, menu item availability, quality of menu items ordered, and order accuracy (can’t be asking for no pickles at some places without getting extra pickles).

The graphic leaves off KFC with an overall experience score of 82 and Popeyes with 80.
QSR has been doing the drive-thru study for 22 years and decided to mix it up this year and expand upon the findings and results to showcase/introduce the true winner of the drive-thru experience which is head and shoulders above the competition Chick-fil-A.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 72% of people surveyed for ‘visit purpose’ chose the ‘left home to bring order back home’? Seems like the trend is still manual pickup instead of delivery which incurs a higher cost of the food.

Original StatsPanda Visualization
Source: qsrmagazine
Tool: Canva/ Adobe Prototype/ Microsoft Excel/ Magic